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AVP Guides - Predator Walking Guide

Onto the predator and his guns, a widely debated subject. People do still argue over the "cheapness" of certain predator weapons, such as the disc, plasma caster and the pistols. Infact, almost every predator weapon has been called cheap, even the combistick. Quite frankly, I don't have the time for people who say this sort of stuff, which is not to say I have no views in this matter myself, but it is not a matter of huge importance.

I will not make many comments on the shooting, I am sure by now even the most newbie of players have worked out how to shoot, but I do see many people making blatant mistakes. I will start with the pistol.
Now, the most important aspect of the predator is his stealth, it matters, no matter what people say. The pistol is one of the weapons that is powerfull, i grant, but also if used incorrectly is a useless weapon, here are some rules for usage :
1) Don't use it on marines, the risk is far too large, one or 2 shots do not always deliver them to the maker, and it drains your energy immensly, if you don't make the kill then I can garuntee if the player you face is not a bad player, you will not survive. If sniper rifles, grenades and AP bullets seemed nasty and unfair when you where cloaked, think of the carnage now.
2)Never, but never use it on a group of marines, I have never seen 1,2 or even 3 preds armed with pistols take out a group of marines of 3 or more, it doesnt happen, if you want to meet the pred god of death I strongly advise you try this.
3) If firing straight, try to stun first, you can miss very easily and this is very alerting to whatever creature you may be attacking, another way to commit suicide.

I am sure if I thought more I could give you many more pistol don'ts, but I assume you intelligent people have got the idea.

Next the speargun, one that is hotly flamed in the multiplayer, it is one of my less used but favoured weapons, it is the only long range pred weapon and it does not compramise stealth.
It is a sniping weapon and therefore you should follow stealth/sniping general rules, here are a couple :
1) After shooting, change your location, its not hard to pinpoint the position of a pred sniper, you can see from which direction the bullets are coming from.
2) Try not to alert large groups, and when fighting groups, move often, you don't want to be pinpointed by a combination of weapons.
3)Conserve ammo, try to use the 3 spear burst as little as possible, you never know when you are going to need it.

There are some more obvious points, mainly unless you can do so effectively don't use the speargun on aliens, stealth doesn't matter (much), and it is too accurate for the fighting style used against aliens. Also, bear in mind it may be long range, but there still is a delay, try timing your attacks.

Next up, the plasma caster. Now, different people have different uses for it. some people prefer using it for all aliens, not bothering with the charge shot, others keep one charged shot and use it against the marines. I personally do not use the plamsa caster, and it is a lock on weapon so shooting is not too hard. All I will leave you with is that it is similar to the pistol, when fighting humans recloak after every shot, don't run around like a headless chicken in a microwave nukign everything, you are easily taken out, and if you thought my simile was funny, think how funny it is when you see it for real life, it will re-adjust what you thought was pointless.

Ok, now the disc, possibly the most contravertial AVP2 weapon, challenged only by the smartgun and the rocket launcher. I personally rarely use the disc at all, but I see enough people use it I can give some very usefull tips on how to keep alive.
The disc is a one shot, uncloaking weapon, once it is launched it is do or die for you, if you are not carefull then the disc will miss and the person will come back and kill you quickly. Once the disc is launched, don't run around waiting for it to return, hop behind a corner and move fast, if you missed then the player will come looking for you.
Also, it is a fast, medium assualt weapon, don't run into a melee firing it, you cannot use it all the time, and half the time you will run around helpless being shot at.

Lastly on this topic, don't get cocky, I hate people online who think they are all that becuase of their ability to keep their finger on the 'forward' button and click your mosue at the same time, the disc and plasma caster are skilless weapons, think before you use them, and make the game last longer.

Now the melee obsessionist's friend and my no.1 pred gun, the netgun. Very usefull, but just a couple of warnings.
1)Nets are big and obvious so its obvious where you are coming from. I prefer to use the delay of the net to shoot. I go forward towards the target at the same time as I shoot, but to avoid my exact position to be obvious. As I run forward, I would fire a net then run diagnally accross the target, if anything, this forces the target towards you, or bags them, and stops you from being shot at easily.
2)Beware of netted victims, many marines favour the tactic of grenading the ground when they hear the predator near, so they take out the pred and kill themselves, so their score remains the same and the pred looses out, I often wait untill the victim cuts himself loose, then run in and take the head as he rises, if not then let him commit suicide, either way its your advantage.
3) BE CAREFULL! I cannot stress this enough, if you are playing with another melee pred favouring the netgun you run the risk of being netted by him if you both attack the same group, and it is a laugh when it happens, but irritating in competing circumstances.
4)Oh yes, just a word of the obvious, don't bother using it on aliens, it may save you some important time if you really are that desperate, but it is not worth it, aliens need barely one quick slash to free themselves.

Last on my list is the bombs. I cannot give much advice with the bombs, since I very rarely use them, and if I have them I am not in the right situation. These are the least used of the weapons, I think becuase they are not as widely available as the other weapons, but primarily becuase some people see better weapons to use in certain situations.
Of little advice I can give,is that these weapons are best used at a medium range, but from a point of advantage and best used not as a killer, but a catalyst, my favorite tactical use of them is in team situations, for example if I am playing a group of tightly grouped marines with 2 clan mates, one a melee like myself another a sniper. I would set up position with the other meleeist, and request to the sniper to launch some bombs, following the marines haing been forced to split up I woud go in and net a one and take the others head, the other guy is clearing up the others of the group.
Bombs are less usefull as weapons as strategic objects used to break down defence, rather than to take the kills themselves.

Thats it for predator shooting, I've taken the last hour or so preparing this, and if you have been bothered to read all of this use it well, the predators were given the more varied type of weapons, use them for their purpose, enjoy them, it is what gives a clan it's diversity and that gives a player character.


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