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AVP Guides - Marine Walking

Now onto marines, yes, the good guys. I'm going to include the corporate into this bunch because of their similarities, with the exclusion of the motion tracker, but all will have it in the Primal Hunt expansion set.

From my point of view there are two basic character types of marines. I am mainly a predator player, but I still find myself falling into one of these characters. There are the old smartgunners or rocket users, who use a solo, more specialist weapon, more of a point and shoot matter. Now I'm not saying that these are the "cheap" or newbie players, which is not always the case. There are then the players who we believe use more skilful weapons, like the pulse rifle, grenade launcher, sniper rifle, etc.
Now I do not want to bring up any arguments about my system of categorizing, after all I write strategies, not columns.

Ok, now we're back on topic, the moving tips. Now smartgunners and rocket launchers, I see many of these people wandering out in open, for all to see. Now, I know as well as all AVP2 players know, that AVP2 playing eventually all comes down to seeing your foe first, which is why you humans should always be in the open, the limelight, go around the area instead, try to never let there be an area where you can't instantly spot something, because it will spot you, but you must do so also, and quickly otherwise your reaction time will not be sufficient to kill the creature, because for most enemy players that is what you must do to ensure you survive. This is a very defensive tactic, but since the human is the most mobile and heavily armoured, you can afford to do so.

I'll take an example; you a marine, bearing a smartgun (I will come back to this in the shooting guide, I promise) are on the map dm_compound. Now, lets assume that you are against two very intelligent alien players that have this irritating habit of attacking, never withdrawing, but are into the idea of hidden prey. Now you have a choice, do you venture into the compound or don't you? I would do so, but I would take my time about it. Circle it, being wary of any aliens hidden up trees (my favourite alien trick) and standing still on walls. They don't come. We can also assume that you are against very such aliens that do know exactly where you are, so don't panic, and don't go down any holes. If you do such a thing as venture down the service door into the compound you will be caught by the aliens, and face a two-pronged attack. Not nice.

Now you know they are in the camp (and hopefully not in the tunnel) you can venture in, I would suggest, yet again a very cautious approach, walk around the sides of the compound and go to the higher positions (side walks + tower), then patrol the area checking for things. In this moment now they will attack, if not then go around to the edges and patrol, don't let them surprise you, I have some pictures here (three different pics just showing the example).

I won't include another example, I am sure once you have developed the confidence and quick reactions you will wonder around like the world were your oyster and shoot with accurate glee anything you will see. I will just leave a brief note about these situations and predators, these guys will be setting traps, just by themselves, meanwhile aliens rarely set up single traps. A pred will know exactly where you are at all times and may be able to get himself in a position where he suspects you might go, may he be a sniper, melee or any style. Apart from the downright stupid that will charge you running around like a headless chicken firing a plasma caster at you, and these guys can be taken out very easily, since they haven't seemed to grasp the idea of dodging while firing and running forward. Nor the element of surprise.

I will leave you will this, remember your motion tracker, they detect any motion with the exclusion of turning and very slow movement, so you can always remain a step ahead of a trapper, and this will keep them on their toes, and give you an opportunity. Go on enjoy yourself, take their skulls instead of they yours.


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