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AVP Guides - Predator Walking Tactics

Predators, who needs them? With the motion tracker, rockets, smartgun and a huge variety of weapons that do equally nasty damage what is the point of them being aorund in this game? Well, they were in the films to scare you, stalk you then kill you and thats what they were put into this game for

Now, I don't know what the games current online predators are in their life, either way they aren't doing what needs to be done. Now, why do we not run in the middle of the maps when fighting humans? Not to get shot. Good, the basics are in. Ok, the predator was meant to stalk, was given the abilities to stalk on a game such as this effectively without being gunned down all the time, but the humans given little advantages that means they can catch out unwary predators. There are several porcesses which are required in a good hunt.

1) Get yourself a good position in the map, but discrete, where you can go to anaylse the map and prey. Know where they are going, their weapons and their teammates.

2) After discovering these put yourself into a position where you won't be detected if you are moving.
3) Get ready, getting weapons right etc.
4) Go for it. Stalk them. Just remember untill the expansion that is said to contain a 360 motion tracker, they can't detect motion behind their back. Stay behind them or lie in wait. If they turn to face you stand hard still, many people in public play will not see you, so wait till they turn away. Also, the smartgun does not track anything like the rockets, only movement - stay still and you will not be detected, they can wander around your feet all they like without seeing you sometimes.
5) Go for the kill. Once you know you are within striking distance run up and take their head in one fell swoop with the combi-stick. They'll never know it.

This combined with a few taunts, little team splitting bombs and you'll be away, scaring those marines so bad they will be off to the loo every minuite. As for aliens, I will leave them untill I write up on fighting, becuase to hide from an alien is very hard and so is to fight with many.
Also I'll leave the right ways to go for campers in shooting, becuase unless you can approach a camper from more than 1 place, then they are quite a nuissance.

For these I'll only give 1 examples, since I have explained much in this guide. As usual I've made corresponding pictures to go with the guide.

Firstly, I will use my all favorite stalking map and becuase of its immense easyness, dm_depot. Now, you are on the top section of the two towers, on the rocket launcher side, and you see a smartgunner heading your way. (Pic.1) Stay rock still. He turns around and you notice another 2 marines, one with the flamer and the other with a sniper rifle - so being carefull is your top priority. The smartgun can track you, the flamer can reveal you if you come too near and the sniper can take you out from afar with one shot, and shooting a moving predator is not a challenge. Remember, you can turn however fast you want and there will be no gaming motion, so you can do that at least.

Secondly, get into position (Pic. 2-3) - they look as if they are going around the block, just nip round the outside and land next to the bunker area, facing the large area, just around the corner. Also, beware of motion trackers, they can see through walls and they may catch a glimpse of you getting into position and that will wreck your cover, the flamer will reveal you, the sniper will shoot close at you and the smartgun will follow you running away whatever you do. I would equip with the netgun to begin with, since it can knock outa valuable member of the team, giving a crucial weakness, also it is easier to net lots of people if they stand close. Equip quickly, or they may hear you.

Thirdly - the stalk.(Pic.3) I've decided to take up a lower position to get as close to them as possible beforehand. It allows you to attack quicker and more effectively due to surprise, but you can't run off easily, meanwhile it takes longer and more risk involved starting further awat, meanwhile its easy to escape if it all goes wrong.
Remember the rules, if they turn stand rock still, don't change weapons(makes noise) and if the sniper decides to see if you are really there, super jump, from then its death or glory.
Ok, lets say that they don't turn around, or you evade their paranoia, either way you are closing in on there heels. Get to within 10m and start you melee. I will deal with melee in more detail later.

Well now you silent person you, you should now be an excelent stalker. Now go out there and not just follow the rules, but adapt them to your taste, always keeping the basics in your mind. I won't deal with the melee yet, I'm going to write it later. Just go have fun, scarying other people online is immensly fun, especially if you do it in movie style. Happy hunting.



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