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Alien Shooting Guide

Well onto a new type of tactics for each species, shooting. There are a couple of difficulties with alien's shooting, and I am sure you are intelligent enough to realize that aliens can't shoot, so what am I going to write about? Well, the very nearest aliens have to shooting is the pounce, which is not really shooting, but is longe distance enough to not be used in the close quarter fighting section. This article will not be a long one, off course.

Now the alien's pounce is a very refined thing, if used incorrectly it can give other players a very easy advantage. If you pounce at the wrong time, you will be sent over the other side of the map, without knowledge of what is where you are going and without knowledge you are as good as dead.

If you you are going ot pounce you must evaluate what you should do, pounce, or run it and use the tail whip. Also, you have to get the right moment, now this would preferably be when an enemy is walking in a straight line, or leave a small gap of movement that you can get at and hit within the time it takes for the pounce to reach your victims.
Always make sure you do not go far if you do miss, if you do you want to be as close as possible to maintain the element of surprise, and to not have to take shots before entering combat.

Just a reminder, if you do hit and destroy someone with the pounce you will have nothing to feed off, a deathmatch does not mean you do not have to strive to survive, you should always bear in mind your dammage compared to the enemies you have to eat to regain health.

The most important thing to remember is don't pounce when it is not necessary, some aliens do nothing but pounce during multiplayer, they can't seem to use other attacks such as claw and tail whip. If you pounce to much you will get gunned down, so don't bother.

This is simple, so I will give a couple of examples, not scenarios, just examples.

Okay,you have some guy running around trying to act like a proffessional,taking straight lines, pointed turns etc, so what do you do? Pounce at him as quick as possible? NO, wait, approach going towards his point at which he makes a straight line that stems to you. Keep moving to keep up, get your aim and avoid being shot at like a side-show pot a duck. Wait for the right moment then pounce. Not to soon nor late.

Ok, you are now faced with a headless chicken, he runs in such random directions you can't pick a point, and hes facing everywhere, he may miss you he may suddenly come out normally and shoot you to many pieces. In this case you must take your pick, wait for a corner, around the corner and when he comes out take him as he straightens his walk after turning.
Either that or you can gamble, go for it and into combat. Either way, with this tricky customer you must hit him, and you must pounce close, making this a difficult target. If you really don't want to take it on and place your bet, then move on to another easier victim.

Well limited this guide is, I hope it helps you not really to shoot better, but to survive it better and deliver your pounce without so much trouble.


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