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AVP Guides - Alien Walking

I've noticed over the past few weeks the incredibly stupid ways alien players are using to attack the enemy, how long do you think an alien drone in going to last when running straight towards some marine with a pulse rifle? Not long. Even pouncing, almost every game I walk into there is at least one alien who tries to pounce straight into a guy with a shotgun, with dismal results. Heres a few tips those players should take, it'll save a hell of a lot of embarrassment.


1) Never pounce straight into people.
2)Never go more than 3 fighting seconds without using wall-walk.
3)Try to combine pouncing with wall-climbing, it allows you to move huge areas unoticed.

I have made several scenarios in which another species has the upper hand, and how they can be won by a regular alien drone. I will use the map de_depot, since it has many open ares, corridors, bunkers, towers and dark places, perfect for a good alien player. The pictures along the side can show you what to do, they are all in order and numbered, also enlarge them to full screen to see them more clearly.
In the first scenario the alien is faced by a predator on the larger tower platform, where it is raining plasma caster shots down onto helpless xenomorphs. It spots you in it's sights, identifies a threat and turns towards you. What in hell will stop it killing you before you can bite it's head off?
Simply a bit of wall-walking.

Look at pictures A1-A4. Spiral down the tower, getting down the side so it's target is lost. Then come under the side ramp keeping as close to the wall without going onto it(upsidedown off course) It will be able to see bits of you through the ramp, but not be able to shoot. By the time you get underneath the main ramp leading up to that tower(a 5 - 10 second movement) the predator's attenetion will be drawn to the writhing swarm of xenos again, but you will not be ignored. Come up underneath the ramp as quickly as possible then heading right and up and around the side of the building.( A3). Then come around the back of the building(the pred has probably now lost you) with a tail whip charged and take his head off with it.
Simple, fast and effective, in this the tail whip at the end is crucial, it prevents the pred form reacting, becuase a swift super jump and step will allow you into his targets again, and one well aimed plasma caster shot will take you out, not hard as he is 3 metres above you and you are still.

Next scenario, little corridor, marine at other end with minigun, now the first option is just to run away, come round and get him in the back. Or you could try a direct approach. I myself would go around the back, but on some maps that not possible. To begin with, you should be on the ceiling in the first place, its the safest place to be when enetering a blind area. Then ebfore the mini gunner even starts to spin his barrel, run accross the ceiling around in a big arc, then dropping down the hatch (B2). Now many people in a deathmatch enviroment are not used to retreating, they just fight and wait, intstead they just come back again and again. So, if you retreat or feign a retreat they either run away in confidence to look for some other victims or just get confused, either way you have gotten yourself out of an unequal situation. If this does not work they may decide to follow, but then they dont know that you are waiting for them. If they just stay where they are, wait for the whine of the minigun to end before climbing onto the box and pouncing into their mid-rif, practically killing them outright.

The last scenario puts you right into the open, with a sniper picking off your kind left right and centre, but all of your xeno friends have no idea what to do. Pounce or wall climb very quickly accross the wall then come up and around the smaller tower, this may be the ong way but it is a lot harder for the sniper to see you. Then traler up the ramp, wall climbing in possible to keep a low profile, making it a lot harder to see you. Then simply come around and down into the bunker, tail whip charged and ready into the side of the bunker, use the tail whip and claw from behind, one sniper shot can take out an alien ANYWHERE, and they can still fire when stunned.

Now I am sure there are many harder situations than this, but if you follow these types of movement stratagy then they should be avoided. An alien isn't about how it pounces or how strong it is, it is about it's own stealthy movement and ability to get anywhere it wants to unoticed. Don't try to play like an alien swarm, try to play like the aliens in the film, it improves your skill and is a lot more fun.



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